Teaching of TWAIL Feminisms and TWAIL-Feminisms: The Politics and Pedagogy of Hyphens

In this webinar, Prof. Rohini Sen, Assistant Professor & Assistant Dean, Centre for Human Rights Studies, and a doctoral candidate at Warwick Law School, will talk about a) the need to teach Critical Approaches to International Law (CAIL) and b) some modes of teaching CAIL with particular focus on TWAIL and Feminist approaches. In her work, which entails both teaching and documenting-analysis of CAIL teaching modes, she understands the teaching of international law as a form of praxis and locates it within the many social-institutional processes that form a part of the knowledge industry complex. The two approaches – TWAIL and feminisms - can be imagined through three different configurations of TWAIL and feminisms, TWAIL-feminisms and TWAIL feminisms. Each carries with it different presumptions and preoccupations within the broad precepts of international law. Using two working definitions of TWAIL and feminisms she unpacks what each of these configurations mean and their manifestations in the teaching of international law particularly in Global majority institutions. Md. Rizwanul Islam of North South University will moderate the webinar.


  • Rohini Sen, Jindal Global Law School
  • Md. Rizwanul Islam, North South University