ASIL Midyear Meeting

The ASIL Midyear Meeting

The American Society of International Law hosts a Midyear Meeting annually in late October or early November. The meeting encompasses several events, including leadership meetings of the Society's Executive Council and the Board of Editors of the American Journal of International Law; the Research Forum, which features cutting-edge international law scholarship by more than 70 authors; and programming for practitioners. The Midyear Meeting has been held since 2010 in Miami, Los Angeles, Athens & Atlanta, New York, Chicago, Washington, DC, Seattle, St. Louis, and Los Angeles. 2019 will see the meeting in New York at ASIL Academic Partner Brooklyn Law School.

2019 ASIL Research Forum

Autumn 2019
Brooklyn Law School

Brooklyn, New York

The Society's 2019 annual Research Forum, co-sponsored by ASIL Academic Partner Brooklyn Law School, will include expert-led discussions on a variety of leading-edge international law topics and several keynote lunch discussions. The Forum will also include events designed to assist students and new professionals interested in pursuing a career in international law.

Registration (tentatively) Includes

  • 20+ sessions
  • Attendance at the Practitioners' Forum
  • 2 lunch panels (lunch provided)
  • Coffee breaks throughout the meeting
  • Saturday breakfast
  • 2 receptions
  • 2 international law career development programs
  • 1 Speed Mentoring event for students and new professionals

Details will be added in mid 2019.

Please check back later for details about the 2019 Practitioners' Forum.