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The American Journal of International Law (AJIL) is a leading peer-reviewed journal, published quarterly since 1907. It features articles, essays, editorial comments, current developments, and book reviews by pre-eminent scholars and practitioners from around the world addressing developments in public and private international law and foreign relations law. The Journal also contains analyses of decisions by national and international courts and tribunals as well as a section on contemporary U.S. practice in international law. AJIL, and its online companion, AJIL Unbound, are indispensable for all professionals working in international law, economics, trade, and foreign affairs.

The Nominating Committee of the Board of Editors of the American Journal of International Law (AJIL) is inviting nominations for the elections to the Board that will take place in the spring of 2023. Nominations, along with supporting statements and information, such as a curriculum vitae and a list of publications, should be sent to the AJIL Nominating Committee Chair, in care of AJIL’s Administrative Editor: Self-nominations are welcome. The deadline for nominations is January 31, 2023.

Board membership requires a commitment to active service. Members are expected to review manuscripts that are submitted for publication, to participate in governance decisions, and to contribute in other ways to the operation of the Journal. In considering nominations, the Committee takes account of the quality and creativity of the candidate’s work in the field and of their area and kind of expertise. The Committee also seeks to ensure that the Board benefits from the diversity that exists across the field of international law, especially among historically underrepresented racial and ethnic groups.

AJIL Bookmarked is a new video series in which board members from the American Journal of International Law select an article from the journal archives to read or re-read. Dip into the AJIL archives to explore how scholarship has changed or to find key research from the past.

  • First Video: Adrien K. Wing, of the AJIL Board of Editors, discusses "Feminist Approaches to International Law" in this episode of AJIL Bookmarked. Read the article Adrien is discussing here
  • Second Video: Monica Hakimi, of the AJIL Board of Editors, discusses "Role of the 'New' Asian-African Countries in the Present International Legal Order" in this episode of AJIL Bookmarked. Read the article Monica is discussing here.
  • Third Video: Timothy Meyer, of the AJIL Board of Editors, discusses "The Jurisprudence of International Trade" in this episode of AJIL Bookmarked. Read the article Tim is discussing here.
  • Fourth Video: Anne van Aaken, of the AJIL Board of Editors, discusses "The Swing of the Pendulum: From Overestimation to Underestimation of International Law" in this episode of AJIL Bookmarked. Read the article Anne is discussing here.
  • Fifth (and Sixth--Spanish version) Video: Alexandra Heneeus, of the AJIL Board of Editors, discusses "Latin America and International Law" in this episode of AJIL Bookmarked. Read the article Alexandra is discussing here.
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AJIL Unbound supplements AJIL’s print edition by publishing short, original essays of international legal scholarship on this website. Featuring timely essays written in a readable style accessible to policymakers, practitioners, and students, AJIL Unbound seeks to broaden and diversify the scholarly exchanges begun in the pages of AJIL and to introduce new ones online. All AJIL Unbound content is freely available for all to read immediately on publication.

"Nobody working in international law can do so without the American Journal of International Law."

Professor Jochen Abraham Frowein, former Director, Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law

AJIL has a high 5-year impact factor of 1.940. The Journal ranks as the most-cited international law journal on Google Scholar. The nonprofit, scholarly periodical resource JSTOR considers AJIL to be “the premier English-language scholarly journal in its field."