Colleague Societies

Professional societies of international law exist on every continent. Strengthening connections between these societies and their members enriches our understanding by increasing transnational knowledge about shared and diverse approaches to international law’s formation, study, and practice. ASIL celebrates its colleague societies around the world.

This webpage houses information about our colleague societies, providing links to their websites, a listing of events, and a more detailed directory.


Directory of Colleague Societies

The Directory of Colleague Societies provides contact information and information about publications. It is updated periodically and can be downloaded as a PDF. If you wish to submit information for inclusion in the next directory, please contact, ASIL director of education and research.

About the ASIL Colleague Societies Initiative

The Constitution of the American Society of International Law provides that it shall “cooperate with similar societies in this and other countries” in order to “foster the study of international law and to promote the establishment and maintenance of international relations on the basis of law and justice.”

The Colleague Societies Initiative in its current form began in 2013, with the leadership of then-President of ASIL, Donald Donovan, and under the supervision of the Initiative's founding chairperson, Chantal Thomas.

To inquire about the Colleague Societies Initiative, please also contact: