Teaching Transnational Criminal Law

In this webinar, Dr Gillian MacNeil, Assistant Professor at Robson Hall (Faculty of Law, University of Manitoba) will address the challenges of teaching transnational criminal law. Transnational criminal law is an expanding area of international law that has significant impacts on municipal criminal laws. Transnational criminal law is also a field with which students often have little or no familiarity. Teaching transnational criminal law can be challenging because it exists at the intersection of the domestic and international systems. But teaching the subject is also important: students are increasingly likely to encounter the impacts of transnational criminal law when they enter legal practice. In preparing to teach transnational criminal law, some problems can be anticipated and planned for in advance. But experience shows that unexpected problems can arise when an instructor fails to identify their own assumptions.


  • Md Rizwanul Islam (moderator), North South University
  • Gillian MacNeil, Faculty of Law, University of Manitoba

 This event is organized by ASIL's Teaching International Law Interest Group.