Space Junk and International Law: Legal issues surrounding space debris


The Society’s Government Attorneys Interest Group invites you to join us at Tillar House for an interactive discussion of the legal and practical issues posed by humankind’s increasing activities in outer space. The speakers will provide an entertaining and informative overview of some of the practical problems and legal issues posed by space debris, focusing on topics such as what space debris is, how and why it’s created, the legal issues it raises, and the steps governments and other stakeholders can take to remediate the problem. Special attention will be given to the fact that space debris exist outside of traditional national jurisdictions and what the international legal regime can offer in addressing this issue. Refreshments will be served, and if the planets align, the speakers will assist attendees in identifying the International Space Station as it flies overhead!


  • Steve Mirmina, Adjunct Professor of Space Law, Georgetown University Law Center
  • Jessica Noble, General Counsel, NanoRacks, LLC

This event is part of the Society’s Signature Topic on “Beyond National Jurisdiction: The Regulation of Human Activities in the Oceans, Polar Regions, Cyberspace and Outer Space.” Find our more at

Date and Location

Thursday, January 24, 2019 - 6:00pm to 7:30pm
American Society of International Law
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2223 Massachusetts Avenue NW
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