Recent Member Books

International Law Frameworks (4th ed.)

By Chimene Keitner, David Bederman

The Death of Treaty Supremacy: An Invisible Constitutional Change

By David L. Sloss

The Territorial Jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court

By Michail Vagias

A Toolbox for the Application of the Rules of Targeting

By Tetyana Krupiy

The Electronic Silk Road: How the Web Binds the World Together in Commerce

By Anupam Chander

Judges as Guardians of Constitutionalism and Human Rights

By ed. Martin Scheinin et al., Chapter 11. The Russian Constitutional Court in international legal dialogues

Legal Dimensions of Arms Control Agreements : An Introductory Overview

By Bakhtiyar Tuzmukhamedov

International Law - A Russian Introduction (Editor)

By Valeriy Kuznetsov, co-editor

Be the Change: Gandhi and the History of Human Rights

By Elizabeth A. Wilson

Complicity and its Limits in the Law of International Responsibility

By Vladyslav Lanovoy

NAFTA and the NAALC Twenty Years of North American Trade-Labour Linkage

By Lance Compa, Tequila Brooks

Transnational Law and Practice

By Donald Earl Childress III, Michael D. Ramsey, Christopher A. Whytock

Trials for International Crimes in Asia

By Kirsten Sellars (editor)

Russian Approaches to International Law

By Lauri Mälksoo

A Contemporary Concept of Monetary Sovereignty

By Claus D. Zimmermann

The Role of International Environmental Law in Disaster Risk Reduction

By Jacqueline Peel, David Fisher

The International Law on the Right of the Child to Survival and Development

By Khadeija Elsheikh Mahgoub

U.S. Military Operations: Law, Policy, and Practice

By Edited by Geoffrey S. Corn, Rachel E. VanLandingham, Shane R. Reeves, and Foreword by General Stanley A. McChrystal

New Book Series: Philosophy, Public Policy And Transnational Law

By Series Editor: J.M. Gillroy , If you have a project-Proposal contact

An Evolutionary Paradigm For International Law: Philosophical Method, David Hume and the Essence of Sovereignty

By John Martin Gillroy