Books by ASIL Members

International and Comparative Copyright Law: Cases and Materials

By Marketa Trimble, Paul Goldstein

International Intellectual Property Law: Cases and Materials (6th edition)

By Marketa Trimble, Paul Goldstein

Arbitration of International Disputes in New York

By Peter Bekker, Foreword by Hon. Charles N. Brower

The UN Security Council and International Law

By Michael Wood, Eran Sthoeger

The Trial of Hissein Habré: The international Crimes of a Former head of State

By Emmanuel Guematcha

Threats of Force and International Law: Practice, Responses and Consequences

By Agata Kleczkowska

International Law 8th ed.

By Allen Weiner, Duncan Hollis, Chimene Keitner

The Rights to Privacy and Data Protection in Times of Armed Conflict

By Asaf Lubin, Russell Buchan

International Environmental Law and International Human Rights Law in Investment Treaty Arbitration: The Contribution of Argumentation in Reshaping International Investment Law.

By Giovanna E. Gismondi

When Misfortune becomes Injustice: Evolving Human Rights Struggles for Health and Social Equality

By Alicia Ely Yamin

Public International Law, 4th ed. (in Hebrew)

By Yael Ronnen and Robbie Sabel

Internal Displacement and the Law

By Walter Kälin

Restructuring Trade Agreements

By Juscelino F. Colares

The Peaceful Resolution of Territorial and Maritime Disputes

By Emilia Justyna Powell and Krista E. Wiegand

Arab Arbitration Laws and Their Ineffectiveness in Propagating the Culture of Arbitration: Arab Arbitration Laws

By Dr.Azab Alaziz Alhashemi

The Arbitration and alternative means of disputes in light of the Bahraini Arbitration Act No.9 of 2015 Paperback – 10

By Dr.Azab Alaziz Alhashemi

Adjudication in a light of Permanent Court’s regulations affiliated to ICJ in The Hague compared to the UNCITRAL rules for 2010: UNCITRAL rules for 2010

By Dr.Azab Alaziz Alhashemi

Trust Beyond Borders: Selected Papers on the Significance of Human Rights and the Rule of Law

By Ernst Hirsch Ballin

The Dilemma of Consent to International Arbitration in Investment Agreements without a Forum

By Fernando Tupa

Intersections of Law and Culture at the International Criminal Law

By Julie Fraser and Brianne McGonigle Leyh