Recent Member Books

Ocean and Coastal Law: Cases and Materials

By Alison Rieser, Donna R. Christie

The Case of the Green Turtle: An Uncensored History of a Conservation Icon

By Alison Rieser

The War on Terror and the Laws of War: A Military Perspective

By Geoffrey S. Corn, James A. Schoettler Jr., Dru Brenner-Beck, Victor M. Hansen, Richard B. "Dick" Jackson, Eric Talbot Jensen, Michael W. Lewis

The Law of Armed Conflict: An Operational Approach

By Geoffrey S. Corn, Victor Hansen, Richard B. Jackson, Chris Jenks, Eric Talbot Jensen, James A. Schoettler, Jr.

Financial Market Supervision in the U.S. National Developments and International Standards (in German)

By Jenny Gesley

Routledge Handbook of International Family Law

By Barbara Stark, Jacqueline Heaton

Research Handbook on Freshwater Law and International Relations

By Mara Tignino , Christian Bréthaut

UN Convention on the Law of the Non-Navigational Uses of International Watercourses.A Commentary

By Laurence Boisson de Chazournes , Makane Mbengue , Mara Tignino, Komlan Sangbana

Party Autonomy in Private International Law

By Alex Mills

Roman Law. An Introduction

By Rafael Domingo

Family Law: Jurisdictional Comparisons (Dominican Republic) :

By Elisabetta Pedersini, James Stewart, Juan Manuel Suero, and more

Towards an International Legal Order for the Arctic (in Japanese)

By O.Inagaki and A. Shibata

"L’être situé", Effectiveness and Purposes of International Law Essays in Honour of Professor Ryuichi Ida

By S. Hamamoto, H. Sakai, A. Shibata

The UN Security Council and the International Criminal Court, The Referral Mechanism in Theory and Practice

By Gabriel M. Lentner

Jurisdictional Immunities of States and International Organizations

By Edward Chukwuemeke Okeke

Court Mediation Reform - Efficiency, Confidence and Perceptions of Justice

By Shahla F. Ali

Human Rights Standards: Hegemony, Law, and Politics

By Makau Mutua

Comparative Labour Law

By Anne Trebilcock, ed.

Business Guide to Trade and Investment: International Investment (Volume 2)

By Arthur Appleton, Patrick Macrory

The Developing World of Arbitration: A Comparative Study of Arbitration Reform in the Asia Pacific

By Anselmo Reyes and Weixia Gu