Books by ASIL Members

Expedited International Arbitration: Policies, Rules and Procedures

By Alan Anderson & Herman Verbist (eds.)

Law, Migration, and the Construction of Whiteness: Mobility Within the European Union

By Dr. Dagmar Rita Myslinska

Artificial Intelligence and International Economic Law

By Shin-yi Peng, Ching-Fu Lin

Weaponising evidence: a history of tobacco control in international law

By Margherita Melillo

Judicial Vetoes: Decision-Making on Mixed Selection Constitutional Courts

By Lydia Brashear Tiede

Toward Uniformly Accepted Principles for Interpreting MFN Clauses: Striking a Balance

By Dr Nudrat Ejaz Piracha

The Many Paths of Change in International Law

By Ezgi Yildiz, Nico Krisch

Between Forbearance and Audacity; The European Court of Human Rights and the Norm Against Torture

By Ezgi Yildiz

By Peaceful Means: International Adjudication and Arbitration - Essays in Honour of David D. Caron

By Charles N Brower, Joan E Donoghue, Cian C Murphy, Cymie R Payne, Esmé R Shirlow

States, Firms, and Their Legal Fictions

By Melissa J. Durkee

Reciprocity and China's Transboundary Waters: The Law of International Watercourses

By David J Devlaeminck

The Legality and Accountability of Autonomous Weapon Systems - A Humanitarian Perspective

By Afonso Seixas-Nunes

Women's Property Rights Under CEDAW

By Jose E. Alvarez and Judith Bauder

A Communitarian Theory of WTO Law

By Chios Carmody

Australian Commercial Law

By Dilan Thampapillai, Claudio Bozzi, Mark Giancaspro, George Yijun Tian

Cultural Rights as Collective Rights An International Law Perspective

By Dr Andrzej Jakubowski (ed)

State Succession in Cultural Property

By Dr Andrzej Jakubowski

The 1970 UNESCO and 1995 UNIDROIT Conventions on Stolen or Illegally Transferred Cultural Property A Commentary

By Prof. Ana Filipa Vrdoljak, Dr Andrzej Jakubowski, and Dr Alessandro Chechi (eds)

Business and Human Rights Law and Practice in Africa

By Dammilola Olawuyi, Oyeniyi Abe

Implementing Business and Human Rights Norms in Africa: Law and Policy Interventions

By Oyeniyi Abe