Publisher Partner Testimonials

What Publishers Say about ASIL's Publisher Partnership Program:

"All serious scholars and practitioners in the field of international law belong to ASIL, and the partnership program has helped us reach members through advertising, mailings, and our choice of location at the annual conference. ASIL members are an essential audience for our titles in the area, and the annual meeting is one of the most important conferences of the year for us"

Tara Gorvine, Edward Elgar

"Hart Publishing is delighted to be an ASIL Publisher Partner. Exhibiting at the annual ASIL conference in Washington allows us to meet new international law contacts from all over the world and our books and journals are seen by an extensive group of delegates. By advertising in the American Journal of International Law and in International Legal Materials our books also gain much exposure."

Joanne Ledger, Hart Publishing

"We consider our partner agreement with ASIL to be of great benefit to our overall law publishing strategy. We take full advantage of everything offered in the partnership package and sales at the annual meeting are always excellent."

Greg Bussy, Oxford University Press

"With a history of more than a century, the ASIL Annual Meeting is firmly established as one of the most important meetings in the field of international law and is a regular highlight for Brill/Nijhoff Publishing. Consistently bringing together more than 1,000 leading international law scholars and practitioners from around the world, the Annual Meeting offers an invaluable opportunity to liaise with scholars and authors, and to convey their contributions to the attention of the global community. The breadth of panels and presentations by leading experts examining the latest developments in international law are unrivaled by another other single gathering."

Marie Sheldon, Brill/Nijhoff Publishing