ASIL Insights

Epilogue to Hotel Rwanda

Israel-Lebanon Offshore Oil & Gas Dispute – Rules of International Maritime Law

Investment Arbitration Panel Upholds Jurisdiction to Hear Mass Bondholder Claims against Argentina

Outside the United States, Extraordinary Rendition on Trial

Targeting Versus Deprivation of Liberty Under the International Law of Armed Conflict

The Netherlands Found Liable for Srebrenica Deaths

The UN and the Status of Palestine – Disentangling the Legal Issues

Australians Get Their First Taste of New Zealand Apples in Ninety Years

Protecting Children from Cyber Crime: The Twentieth Session of the UN Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice

Going It Alone: The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement as a Sole Executive Agreement

The Australian Trade Policy Statement on Investor-State Dispute Settlement

The Human Rights Council Endorses “Guiding Principles” for Corporations

African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights – Response to the Situation in Libya

Orange Juice, Shrimp, and the United States Response to Adverse WTO Rulings on Zeroing

Trade Remedies and Non-Market Economies: The WTO Appellate Body's Report in United States—Definitive Antidumping and Countervailing Duties on Certain Products from China

The WTO EC - Aircraft Panel and Appellate Body Reports on Subsidies to Airbus

Rwanda’s Gacaca Courts: Implications for International Criminal Law and Transitional Justice

Recognition of the Libyan National Transitional Council

International Law and the Future of Cyberspace: The Obama Administration’s International Strategy for Cyberspace

International Law and the E. coli Outbreaks in Europe

International Law and Foreign Laws in the U.S. State Legislatures

Towards a Less Secular Europe? The Decision of the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights in Lautsi v. Italy

Pakistan's Sovereignty and the Killing of Osama Bin Laden

Four Tribunals Apply ICSID Rule for Early Ouster of Unmeritorious Claims

The Google Book Settlement and International Intellectual Property Law

Mauritius Brings UNCLOS Arbitration Against The United Kingdom Over The Chagos Archipelago

Advisory Opinion of the Seabed Disputes Chamber of International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea on “Responsibilities and Obligations of States Sponsoring Persons and Entities With Respect To Activities in the Area”

Special Tribunal for Lebanon Issues Landmark Ruling on Definition of Terrorism and Modes of Participation

European Court of Human Rights' Judgment on Expulsion of Asylum Seekers: M.S.S. v. Belgium & Greece

ECOWAS Court Judgment in Habré v. Senegal Complicates Prosecution in the Name of Africa

September 11 Inspired Aviation Counter-Terrorism Convention and Protocol Adopted

The Cancún Climate Conference

The 2010 Nagoya-Kuala Lumpur Supplementary Protocol: A New Treaty Assigning Transboundary Liability and Redress for Biodiversity Damage Caused by Genetically Modified Organisms