ASIL Endowment

Supporting Education and Outreach on International Law

The ASIL Endowment for International Law was created on January 1, 2004, and since then its assets have grown to over $1.5 million. The Endowment supports the Society’s outreach and education programs as directed by the Society’s Executive Council.  Additions to the Endowment increase this source of funding for ASIL efforts to share knowledge of international law with the growing numbers of individuals and institutions that use, influence, or are affected by it.  For example, in recent years it has supported the following activities:

  • Outreach tours for international legal figures, such as Judge Joan Donoghue of the International Court of Justice, Judge Diego Garcia-Sayan of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, and International Criminal Court Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda.
  • Educational programs and resources for a variety of constituencies ranging from secondary schools students to U.S. federal judges.
  • Research and policy dialogue on current issues in international law, such as the legal framework for counter-terrorism operations, U.S. policy toward the International Criminal Court, and issues relating to treaty implementation in the United States.
  • Debating current issues in the law of war

  • Creating dialog on legal frameworks and int'l law

  • Students explore career paths in int'l law

  • Building int'l law societies across the globe

The Endowment is a board designated fund.  Any changes in the purpose of the Endowment or in the proportion of Endowment funds used to support its intended purpose require Executive Council approval as set forth in ASIL’s Constitution and Regulations, Section VIII, paragraph 5.