The International Law of Data Protection and the Responsibilities of International Courts and Organizations

International courts and humanitarian organizations are increasingly turning to the collection and processing of personal data to advance their core mandates. But these efforts introduce great new challenges, particularly around the protection of the data from abuse and attack. These challenges include: the pivot toward cloud-based hosting and processing by commercial and foreign entities; the growing reliance on social media platforms and other user-generated digital evidence in criminal investigations and proceedings; the increasing use of cash transfer payments and biometric data for beneficiary registration and the distribution of aid; growing pressure on international courts and humanitarian organizations to disclose data collected to government authorities; and the growing vulnerability of these data-intensive projects to surveillance and cyberattack. This event will examine these challenges and the role that international law could play in enhancing the protections on the digital rights of vulnerable communities.


  • Ayelet Berman (moderator), National University of Singapore Faculty of Law
  • Lindsay Freeman, UC Berkeley Human Rights Center
  • Gabriela Horno Colas, Office of the Prosecutor, International Criminal Court
  • Asaf Lubin (moderator), Indiana University Maurer School of Law
  • Enrique Piracés, Center for Human Rights Science, Carnegie Mellon University