Inter-State Reparations before International Courts and Tribunals (ICTs)

Organized by the ASIL International Courts and Tribunals Interest Group

Join us for an insightful fireside chat where distinguished speakers will discuss how ICTs address inter-State reparations and how the law in this area, codified in 2001 in the ILC Articles on Responsibility of States for Internationally Wrongful Acts (ARSIWA), has developed in recent years.  In particular, speakers will opine on: i) the predictability of the law on inter-State reparations, considering the diversity of breaches and injuries in respect of which ICTs are called upon to determine reparations; ii) whether ICTs are best placed to address inter-State reparations, or whether it would be preferable for States to settle such issues by other means; iii) the role of victims as the intended ultimate beneficiaries in the assessment of reparations by ICTs; and iv) problems arising from the reasoning of ICTs to date and the issues in respect of which the law needs further development.


  • Christiane Ahlborn, Assistant Professor of Public International Law at Trinity College Dublin
  • Alice Ollino, Assistant Professor of Public International Law at Milano-Bicocca University
  • Yusra Suedi, Lecturer in International Law at the University of Manchester
  • Vladyslav Lanovoy (moderator), Assistant Professor of Public International Law at the Université Laval Law School