The ICC and Beyond: Re-evaluating the promise of international criminal justice

The Society's 114th Annual Meeting—and first Virtual Annual Meeting—took place June 25–26, 2020. The 2020 Annual Meeting theme, "The Promise of International Law," was an opportunity to reflect on the successes and failures of international law, while reaffirming our commitment to achieving its promise of a more just and peaceful world.

Sponsored by the World Justice Project

While the International Criminal Court (ICC) remains a necessary and vital feature of the international criminal justice landscape, events in its recent past can be characterized as anything but smooth sailing. The Court faces challenges from threatened and actual state withdrawals from the ICC to the debate over the concept of the “interests of justice” and its role in the Afghanistan investigation to the return of U.S. antagonism to the Court. However, the ICC was never designed to bear the burden alone, and this session aims to critically and constructively discuss not only the ICC but also the other justice mechanisms for core international crimes including domestic courts, regional courts, hybrid mechanisms, and specialist chambers. The participants will address emerging and pressing questions, including whether the future of international criminal law is in domestic regimes, the promise and potential of regional courts, and the when and where hybrids or specialized mechanisms are preferable.

Charles Jalloh, Florida International University Law School
Catherine Marchi-Uhel, United Nations International, Impartial and Independent Mechanism for Syria (IIIM)
Priya Pillai, Asia Justice Coalition secretariat (Moderator)
Stephen Rapp, US Holocaust Memorial Museum, Center for Prevention of Genocide
Lorraine Smith-van Lin, SmithvanLin Consultancy
(Speaker organizations are shown as of June 2020)