Fifth Annual Detlev F. Vagts Roundtable: Conceptualizing Intellectual Property as a Social Determinant of Health

The Society's 114th Annual Meeting—and first Virtual Annual Meeting—took place June 25–26, 2020. The 2020 Annual Meeting theme, "The Promise of International Law," was an opportunity to reflect on the successes and failures of international law, while reaffirming our commitment to achieving its promise of a more just and peaceful world.

This session made possible by a generous contribution from the Vagts Family.

Public health literature has long recognized the existence of determinants of health, a set of socio-economic conditions that affect health risks and health outcomes across the world. Frameworks relying on determinants of health have been widely adopted by countries in the global South and North alike. Issues raised by the implementation of intellectual property policies, however, are seldom treated as an integral part of analyses using these frameworks, even though IP bears direct effects on the dynamics of several determinants of health. This roundtable will discuss a paper by presenter Prof. Ana Santos Rutschman, which examines TRIPS intellectual property (IP) as a contributing element to the literature on the social and economic determinants of health (SD).

Gian Luca Burci, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva
Margaret Chon, Seattle University School of Law
Rochelle Dreyfuss, New York University School of Law (Moderator)
Judit Rius Sanjuan, Doctors Without Borders
Ana Rutschman, Saint Louis University School of Law
Bhaven Sampat, Columbia University

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