What future for the Rule of Law in Central America?


After years of upward progress, several nations in Central America ? especially in the Northern Triangle region ? are slowly backsliding into a state of diminished democracy that is dangerously close to authoritarian governance. Restrictions on freedom of the press, an increasing use of violence as a political weapon and incarcerations of political opponents without due process all point to a steady erosion in the rule of law.

As key electoral appointments in the region approach, what challenges does democracy face in Central America today, and how are they being addressed by the United States and by the larger international community?

Join the Washington Foreign Law Society for a conversation with Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary Ricardo Zuniga, the United States? Special Envoy for the Northern Triangle. The conversation will be led by Mr. Alberto Mora, Executive Director for Global Programs of the American Bar Association and Director of the ABA?s Rule of Law Initiative.

The speakers will be introduced by Giuliana Cane, President of the Washington Foreign Law Society.

Date and Location

Thursday, October 14, 2021 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm