Lawyer’s Mental Health: How To Stay Calm Under Stress


Join Lawrina's webinar on lawyer’s mental health! Our speakers will share their tips on how lawyers can feel better in the condition of constant tough deadlines. Particularly, we will talk about: What are mental health issues in the legal sphere? Why do lawyers need to think about mental health? How will it help their effectiveness and level of happiness? Our experts’ experience that will support the topics with real examples Who will be interested? Attorneys Corporate lawyers (in-house counsels) Paralegals Law students HR managers in law firms Speakers We invited experts with great experience in managing their work-life balance and helping others with it. You’ll certainly enjoy spending 1,5 hours with our guest speakers. Olga V. Mack — CEO at Parley Pro, the collaborative & intuitive contract platform, Speaker, Women's Advocate Julian Sarafian — Former corporate attorney and graduate of Berkeley and Harvard Law School. Currently authoring a book, exploring content creation, and advocating for mental health. Pamela DeNeuve — Lawyer & Law Firm Strategist at DeNeuve & Associates, a member of the steering committee for programming for the national organization, the Institute for Well-Being in Law Hosts Jolene Blackbourn (moderator) — California attorney who helps prospective law students save time, money and stress on their legal journey through counseling, courses, and The Legal Learning Podcast Inna Ptitsyna — PR Manager at Lawrina and legal designer

Date and Location

Tuesday, November 2, 2021 - 12:00am to 5:30pm