Law and Diplomacy: Legal Advisors and the Lawyer-Diplomat


Diplomacy and law are interactive and interdependent. Both aim at the effective management of international relations, the peaceful resolution of international disputes, the avoidance of armed conflict. Diplomacy and law support mechanisms that promote economic growth and stability and the protection of human rights. The Research Handbook on Law and Diplomacy (Elgar 2022, Stewart & McGuinness eds,.) explored this topic through an examination of contemporary practice across a variety of settings, including within state legal advisory offices, international organizations, international courts and treaty bodies, and civil society.

Drawing from contributions to and central findings of the book, the panelists will examine the interdependency of law and diplomacy and the role of legal advisors, diplomats, and lawyer- diplomats in international law and governance. The panelists will address the role of law and legal advisors within a variety of diplomatic settings, and address questions including:

? What is the appropriate role of legal advisors within political and policy making settings? Does that role changes during times of crisis?

? Does international law create separate ethical duties for lawyers that are different from duties to their principals (states, IOs, other clients)?

? What roles does domestic law (constitutional, statutory) play in facilitating or constraining legal advisors?

Date and Location

Tuesday, March 21, 2023 - 5:30pm to 6:30pm