The Deal with Iran


The United Nations Association-National Capital Area, the American Society of International Law (ASIL), and ASIL's Nonproliferation, Arms Control, and Disarmament Interest Group are pleased to sponsor an event addressing the current issues surrounding the ongoing negotiations relating to Iran's nuclear program between Iran and the UN Security Council permanent members and Germany. Speakers will address the domestic and international law implications for the United States, Iran, and the UN Security Council as they pursue a diplomatic resolution to the question of Iran’s use of nuclear energy.

Specific questions to be addressed will include:

  • Is an agreement in the U.S.’s strategic interest?
  • What are the remaining unresolved issues and how might they be resolved?
  • What are the roles of the UN Security Council and the U.S. Congress in this process?
  • What is the likely legal status of an agreement under international law and under U.S. law?
  • How will enforcement of any terms of an agreement be addressed?
  • How will an agreement change the U.S.-Iran relationship?
  • Are there viable alternatives?

The speakers will engage in a roundtable conversation as they address these questions and respond to others raised by the audience.


  • Ambassador Thomas Graham Jr., former senior-level diplomat and authority on nuclear nonproliferation
  • Davis Robinson, former legal adviser, U.S. Department of State 
  • Missy Ryan, Pentagon correspondent, The Washington Post


Date and Location

Tuesday, May 19, 2015 - 5:30pm to 7:00pm
American Society of International Law
Address 1: 
2223 Massachusetts Ave NW
Zip Code: