COP27: African Priorities for an African COP


This event is structured as a conversation between practitioners and scholars in the field of environmental law. We are privileged to have two negotiators who are actively engaged in the COP process, the legal adviser of UNEP, and two leading scholars in the field.

Our hope is to have a conversation on COP27 and discuss Africa’s priorities during COP27. Specifically, the panel will explore how the “polluter pays principle” could be promoted and operationalized in order to ensure that financial resources are allocated to address losses and damage suffered by African countries as a result of climate change. One strategy that African countries might explore, and which the panel could discuss, is the possibility of requiring major carbon-emitting corporations to contribute financial resources to help fund Africa’s adaptation and mitigation efforts. The panel would also discuss how developmental priorities in Africa can be reconciled with the need to achieve the target of net-zero emissions.

Date and Location

Monday, April 25, 2022 - 12:00pm to 1:30pm