Books by ASIL Members

The Oxford Handbook of Caribbean Constitutions / Chapter 8 by Irene Broekhuijse, Ernst Hirsch Ballin and Sofia Ranchordás: The Constitutions of the Dutch Caribbean

By Albert, Richard, O'Brien, Derek, Wheatle, Se-shauna

Human Dignity and Human Security in Times of Terrorism / Chapter 3 by Ernst Hirsch Ballin: Restoring Trust in the Rule of Law

By Paulussen, Christophe, Scheinin, Martin

Constitutional Identity in a Europe of Multilevel Constitutionalism / Chapter 11 by Ernst Hirsch Ballin: Constitutional Identity in the Netherlands: Sailing with Others

By Calliess, Christian, Van der Schyff, Gerhard

Uitleg van de Grondwet

By Hirsch Ballin, Ernst, Janse de Jonge, Eric, Leenknegt, Gert Jan

European Variations as a Key to Cooperation

By Hirsch Ballin, Ernst, Ćerimović, Emina, Dijstelbloem, Huub, Segers, Mathieu

European Yearbook of Constitutional Law 2019 - Judicial Power: Safeguards and Limits in a Democratic Society

By Hirsch Ballin, Ernst M.H., van der Schyff, Gerhard, Stremler, Maarten

Security in an Interconnected World - A Strategic Vision for Defense Policy

By Hirsch Ballin, Ernst M.H., Dijstelbloem, Huub, de Goede, Peter

Electronic Consumer Contracts in the Conflict of Laws

By Zheng Tang

Conflict of Laws in the People's Republic of China

By Zheng Tang, Yongping Xiao, Zhengxin Huo

Emerging Powers in the International Economic Order – Cooperation, Competition and Transformation

By Sonia E. Rolland, David M. Trubek

General Principles of Law and International Due Process

By Charles Kotuby and Luke Sobota

Advocating Social Change Through International Law: Exploring the Choice Between Hard and Soft International Law

By Daniel Bradlow and David Hunter (eds)

UNCITRAL Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration A Commentary

By Ilias Bantekas, Pietro Ortolani, Shahla Ali, Manuel A. Gomez, Michael Polkinghorne

La mise en oeuvre du droit de l'OMC en matière de propriété intellectuelle en Chine : Etude sur le droit chinois des brevets avec une perspective française et européenne

By Shujie FENG/ Pédone

Between Impunity and Imperialism: The Regulation of Transnational Bribery

By Kevin E. Davis

Legitimacy of Unseen Actors in International Adjudication

By Freya Baetens

Judging International Human Rights

By Stefan Kadelbach, Thilo Rensmann, Eva Rieter (eds.)

Regional Human Rights Systems

By Vol V The Library of Essays on International Human Rights, (Series Ed. Stephanie Farrior)

Affective Justice The International Criminal Court and the Pan-Africanist Pushback

By Dr. Kamari Maxine Clarke

The Institute of International Law's Resolution on State Succession and State Responsibility: Introduction, Text and Commentaries

By Marcelo Kohen & Patrick Dumberry