Lieber Society on the Law of Armed Conflict

The Lieber Society serves as ASIL's focal point for the study and dissemination of the law of armed conflict, or international humanitarian law, and other public international law related to the conduct of military operations. The Lieber Society facilitates dialogue by bringing together academics and governmental and non-governmental practitioners, civilian and military, from the United States and throughout the world, by sponsoring panels at the ASIL Annual Meetings, publishing a quarterly newsletter, co-sponsoring symposia, and by the informal sharing and critiquing of ideas, research and papers. The group also sponsors three annual awards, the Francis Lieber Prize, presented to the author of an exceptional book and the author of an article in the field, and the Richard Baxter Military Prize for exceptional writing that enhances understanding of the law of war by a person serving in the regular or reserve armed forces of any nation. Through these efforts the Lieber Society strives to promote understanding of, respect for, and compliance with international law.

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Andrea Harrison
Michael W. Meier
Vice Chair
Brittany Louise Lamon
Ashley Belyea
Lucia Solano
Cindy Buys
Meg de Guzman
Kathy Roberts
Lindsey Schmidt
Shana Tabak
Tracy Roosevelt
Christie Edwards
Clara Brillembourg
Milena Sterio
Nienke Grossman
Tatiana Sainati (Ex Oficio)
Lucila Hemmingsen (Ex Oficio)

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Group Officers

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Aaron Xavier Fellmeth
Executive Committee
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Andrew Boyle
Executive Committee
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Brittany Louise Lamon
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Iain Scobbie
Advisory Body
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James Anthony Schoettler, Jr.
Executive Committee
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Matthew Gomez
Staff Liaison
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Michael W. Meier
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Stephen Pomper
Advisory Body
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Tracey Begley
Executive Committee

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