Just as the Mediterranean was to the Roman world, and the Atlantic to the "modern" world, so shall the Pacific be to the "post-modern" world. This Interest Group brings together lawyers, scholars and others interested in the topic to inform each other of developments relating to international law and international relations in this vast and important region. Topics include such diverse areas as gender discrimination, sovereignty and the state, Taiwan-Mainland relations, Hong Kong's political future, islands in the Pacific, human rights, intellectual property, and the impacts of Western countries. The Group functions through panels and sessions at the ASIL Annual Meeting and publishes an online newsletter featuring announcements and articles and essays written by members. Future programmatic goals include joint sponsorship of a regional conference.

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Group Officers

Manjiao Chi
Matthew S Erie
Ashley Belyea
Lucia Solano
Cindy Buys
Meg de Guzman
Kathy Roberts
Lindsey Schmidt
Shana Tabak
Tracy Roosevelt
Christie Edwards
Clara Brillembourg
Milena Sterio
Nienke Grossman
Tatiana Sainati (Ex Oficio)
Lucila Hemmingsen (Ex Oficio)

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