Anti-Corruption Law

The rise of corruption-related civil protest, law enforcement, and corporate compliance around the world has spawned a robust debate on the aims and impact of anti-corruption law. This Interest Group will create a forum, situated between the ivory tower and the compliance seminar, in which scholars, practitioners, and advocates can mutually engage. Topics may include bribery, money laundering, terrorist financing, or other forms of public or private corruption. Discussions will aim to develop sophisticated ideas of practical relevance.

The Interest Group will sponsor periodic speakers and panels and will host gatherings at the ASIL Annual Meeting. The group will maintain an online presence for the ongoing exchange of ideas among members. We will also cultivate contacts with the media in the hope of elevating the quality of the broader public debate.

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Group Officers

Jan Dunin-Wasowicz
Matthew Mark Horn
Vice Chair
Ashley Belyea
Lucia Solano
Cindy Buys
Meg de Guzman
Kathy Roberts
Lindsey Schmidt
Shana Tabak
Tracy Roosevelt
Christie Edwards
Clara Brillembourg
Milena Sterio
Nienke Grossman
Tatiana Sainati (Ex Oficio)
Lucila Hemmingsen (Ex Oficio)

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Group Officers

Jan Dunin-Wasowicz's picture
Jan Dunin-Wasowicz
Matthew Gomez's picture
Matthew Gomez
Staff Liaison
Matthew Mark Horn's picture
Matthew Mark Horn
Vice Chair