ASIL-UNA SERIES (One of Three): Cyber Threats and Use of Force: International and Domestic Standards

Cyber threats pose national, economic, and personal risks to both the public and private sectors. The frequency and complexity of cyber attacks are rising exponentially and outpace policy and legal regulations of the area. In this context, the issue for international law is in the applicability of traditional concepts to the realities of cyber threats. This event, cosponsored by the American Society of International Law and the United Nations Association, will explore the legal aspects of selected areas of cyber security in the United States. The panel will analyze the extent to which existing national and international rules and policies respond to current challenges relating to cyber threats, in particular the right to active self-defense of the private sector in cyber space. The role of states in protecting the private sector against cyber threats and the margin of maneuver states have in responding to cyber terrorism will also be explored.