ASIL Signature Topics

The Signature Topics Initiative was launched in 2018 to focus the Society’s resources, talent, and expertise on particular areas of international law of pressing concern to the members. The first two topics addressed "Atrocity Prevention: The Role of International Law and Justice" and "Beyond National Jurisdiction: Human Activities in the Oceans, Polar Regions, Cyberspace and Outer Space." Each of these two topics will come to a conclusion in 2020.

The Society’s Program Committee invites members to propose ideas for a new signature topic. They may address any international law topic, in any field, so long as it conforms to the Society’s non-advocacy policy.

Activities furthering discussion, research, and scholarship on the selected topics will be coordinated with the Program Committee, AJIL Board of Editors, Interest Group co-chairs, cooperating organizations, and other partners as relevant. Such activities might include reports with recommendations, articles, and symposia, including the American Journal of International Law, AJIL Unbound, or ASIL Insights; public education panels; podcasts and webinars; roundtables; co-sponsored events; Annual and Midyear Meeting sessions; and other activities that might be proposed.

ASIL members interested in proposing a topic for consideration should complete the form (click on the “Signature Topic Submission” header) and attach their proposal, which should be drafted in compliance with the “Signature Topics Proposal Instructions” (PDF download). The deadline for submissions is December 16, 2019. Questions about submissions for review can be directed to

The call has ended.