Academic Partner Testimonials

What Academic Institutions Say about ASIL's Academic Partnership Program:

"Our students and faculty members find the ASIL Academic Partnership to be a very valuable tool for connecting in the world of international law. It allows us to develop networks, access research and teaching materials, as well as to be linked with international law developments in the United States." LAURENCE BOISSON DE CHAZOURNES, Professor and Director of the Master in International Dispute Settlement (MIDS), University of Geneva Law School.
"ASIL’s Academic Partnership provides our students with outstanding career resources – especially access to ASIL job board and career advising. Our students undoubtedly benefit from the tremendous educational and networking opportunities through our Academic Partnership." ALLEN S. WEINER, Senior Lecturer in Law at Stanford Law School; Director, Stanford Program on International and Comparative Law; and Co-Director, Stanford Center on International Conflict and Negotiation
"ASIL’s academic partnership is a fabulous way for our faculty, staff, and students to stay connected from our Midwest location. Students enjoy the webinars on international law careers as well as the Annual Meeting. Ability of our career services staff to meet student demands is enhanced by ASIL’s training."ADRIEN K. WING, Associate Dean of International & Comparative Law, Bessie Dutton Murray Professor of Law at University of Iowa College of Law
“We have an important and integral partnership with ASIL, as co-sponsors of the Grotius Lecture at the ASIL Annual Meeting for the past 20 years. Our students see this as a “must go to” event to hear from preeminent experts in the field, network, and learn about resources and support to launch their international law careers.” PADIDEH ALA’I, Professor of Law, and Faculty Direc- tor, International Legal Studies Program, American University Washington College of Law
"ASIL’s Academic Partnership has been tremendous for UCI Law School, including in providing resources for our students and our career services. Students learn of opportunities for pursuing international and transnational internships and careers that they would otherwise miss." GREGORY SHAFFER, Chancellor’s Professor of Law; and Director, Center on Globalization, Law and Soci- ety, University of California, Irvine School of Law
"Partnership with ASIL provides our law school community with an invaluable bridge to the world of international law. Our students have benefited from ample career-blazing opportunities afforded by the Partnership program; access to the ASIL job board; and the exposure to people and ideas at the ASIL Annual Meeting."JULIAN ARATO, Associate Professor of Law & Co-Director for the Dennis J. Block Center for the Study of International Business Law, Brooklyn Law School- 2019 ASIL Midyear Meeting Research Forum Host.

“ASIL is an important organization that offers an array of resources to me and my students - from the Annual Meeting to ASIL insights to the American Journal of International Law. As an Academic Partner, Yale Law School not only demonstrates its support for ASIL, but it also gains access to a growing array of activities and resources. [Recently], for example, ASIL offered teaching guides to accompany the live streamed panels from the Annual Meeting - my students were able to watch the events in DC unfold from New Haven!”

Oona Hathaway, Professor of International Law and director of the Center for Global Legal Challenges, Yale Law School

“ASIL serves as a rich and invaluable resource for students interested in pursuing international law. Not only do ASIL’s conferences provide many opportunities for students to expand their knowledge of various areas of international law..., ASIL’s staff have always been particularly helpful to students by imparting both networking and career advice specific to the area of international law. Further, ASIL has been particularly kind to UGA Law students by extending special invitations to volunteer at events, giving students the unique opportunity to rub elbows with the “who’s who” of international law. ASIL truly has opened a door to a welcoming community that has been graciously willing to help emerging professionals.”

Kaitlin Ball, Student President, International Law Students Association and J.D. Candidate, 2014, University of Georgia School of Law

“The ASIL Academic Partners Program has provided some excellent resources for Vanderbilt students, including webcasts (with associated reading material) from the Annual Meeting and from the State Department (Live from “L”), summer associate events in Washington D.C., and a complementary ASIL membership. I especially value the virtual resources, which I have used in my international law classes at Vanderbilt.”

Ingrid Wuerth, Professor of Law and Director, International Legal Studies Program, Vanderbilt Law School

“Our students are the principal beneficiaries of the ASIL Academic Partner program. They get free access to high quality substantive programs on international law as well as to a variety of career events tailored to introduce them to leading international lawyers and policy makers. Students today expect that their legal education will open doors and build lasting professional relationships. Our support of ASIL enables us to do that and a lot more.”

Susan Karamanian, Associate Dean for International and Comparative Legal Studies, George Washington University Law School

“The University of Georgia School of Law has a long and rich partnership with the ASIL that stretches from Dean Rusk’s and Louis Sohn’s leadership of the Society through UGA’s hosting of last fall’s ASIL Midyear Meeting. Being an Academic Partner has given us an opportunity to share not only the exciting programs taking place here in Athens, Georgia, but also our incredible students. Over the years, I’ve watched our students take advantage of the opportunities and access presented by our Academic Partnership, learning, volunteering, and networking. I’ve been very lucky to see more than a few launch their careers in international law at an ASIL event.”

Harlan Cohen, Associate Professor of Law, University of Georgia School of Law

“As the only law school with three faculty members serving simultaneously on the ASIL Executive Council in recent years, the University of Minnesota Law School has been delighted to deepen its connection with ASIL through its Academic Partner program. ASIL serves as a critical resource for our faculty and students, providing them with opportunities to connect with leading scholars and practitioners and learn from its interesting programming and educational resources. The Academic Partner program has not only augmented those resources, but also allowed some of our junior faculty and students to attend the Annual Meeting at no charge and our program to share recent developments with other ASIL members.”

Hari Osofsky, Professor and 2013-14 Fesler-Lampert Chair in Urban and Regional Affairs, University of Minnesota Law School

“The Academic Partner program has been an invaluable asset to the students and faculty of UC Davis law school. ASIL has helped make possible the visits to UC Davis of International Court of Justice judges, as well as the presiding judges of the WTO Appellate Body and the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, all extraordinary events that brought our students and faculty cheek to jowl with the leading jurists in international law.”

Anupam Chander, Director, California International Law Center, Professor of Law, and Martin Luther King, Jr. Hall Research Scholar, University of California-Davis

“Our Academic Partnership with the ASIL is one way we carry out our school’s motto, ‘Law for the community and the world.’ From free access to webinars, career development and networking opportunities, and a range of introductions to the professional world our students will be entering, the benefits for our students are many. The partnership is a great value, and we look forward to continue working with ASIL in the years to come.”

Stephanie Farrior, Professor of Law and Director of International and Comparative Law Programs, Vermont Law School