Continuing Legal Education

As part of the American Society of International Law's mission to promote the greater use of international law, ASIL routinely awards continuing legal education (CLE) credits for many of its events. ASIL also creates programs specifically designed to enhance the skills of attorneys already familiar with international legal issues or provide foundational training for members of the legal profession who have not previously worked on issues of international law. Taught by renowned experts in international law, ASIL's high-quality courses cover a wide range of topics aimed at diverse audiences. CLE programming at ASIL is informed by its CLE Advisory Committee and administered by its director of education and research, Wes Rist.

ASIL Online & On-demand CLE Courses

The Society provides online live and on-demand CLE programming through its continuing education partner, InReach. The Society’s online catalog is constantly growing and courses are added (and removed) frequently throughout the year.


ASIL has provided a Frequently Asked Questions document (FAQs) with answers to common questions regarding the Society’s online and on-demand CLE courses. You may also download a step-by-step guide on how to access the catalog and purchase a course.

PLEASE NOTE: In order for ASIL to properly report your CLE credits, you must update your ASIL profile with your licensed jurisdiction(s) and attorney ID number (as appropriate). You may access this information by editing your individual or member profile on the ASIL website.

Some states have restrictions on how many credits individuals may obtain from distance learning courses per reporting period. Individuals should check their jurisdiction's guidelines to determine what restriction may apply to their use of distance learning courses.


ASIL Annual Meeting

The single largest opportunity to gain live CLE credits from the Society is at its Annual Meeting, where attendees may earn up to 24 CLE credits, or roughly two years' worth of CLE requirements for most U.S. jurisdictions. ASIL uses an electronic scanning system based on the unique bar code printed on each attendee's name tag to record entry and exit from each CLE session, allowing the Society to provide attendees with a personalized attendance record for their time at the Annual Meeting.

  • ASIL Annual Meeting

  • CLE event at Tillar House


Recording and Reporting CLE Attendance at Live ASIL Events

Individuals seeking CLE credits at live ASIL events are required to record their attendance by completing the provided sign-in and sign-out forms. ASIL uses the information collected by these processes to verify attendance of individual attorneys in the case of a jurisdictional audit but will not be shared with any other organization for any other purpose. ASIL maintains electronic and print attendance records for CLE events as required by individual certifying jurisdictions.

Attorneys who complete the sign-in and sign-out forms and attend the event for the minimum amount of time required to obtain CLE credit will be provided with an ASIL Uniform Certificate of Attendance (UCOA) for each state to which their CLE credit hours are to be reported. Attorneys are responsible for reporting their own attendance to their jurisdiction's CLE agency within the appropriate time frame (usually 30 days from the end of the session, but attorneys should check their jurisdiction's CLE regulations for details). The jurisdictions of Pennsylvania and Illinois use online reporting systems, in which ASIL will report the attendance of any attorneys licensed in those states. The UCOA serves as the appropriate attendance form for all other states with the exception of Virginia. Attorneys seeking accreditation in Virginia should request a Virginia Certificate of Attendance at the time of the event. Questions regarding a jurisdiction's specific reporting requirements should be directed to the individual's state bar or CLE board.

ASIL will provide attendees with their attendance records as soon as possible following the completion of a CLE event. Attendees of live ASIL events are able to see a record of the CLE credits they have earned through their online profile at Requests for attendance records for events more than 90 days past will be processed on a semi-monthly basis.


State Certifications

ASIL is an accredited CLE provider with the following listed mandatory CLE (MCLE) states. Not all ASIL CLE events are registered for each of these jurisdictions. Check individual event listings to determine which CLE jurisdictions have been approved for a specific event.

Some jurisdictions provide reciprocity for CLE credits earned in approved jurisdictions. Individuals should check their jurisdiction's CLE requirements to determine if ASIL provides CLE credits for a jurisdiction that is eligible for automatic reciprocity in your licensing jurisdiction. It is the responsibility of the attorney to investigate possible reciprocity for his or her licensing jurisdiction prior to registering for or attending an ASIL CLE event. ASIL will not provide refunds to individuals whose jurisdiction does not offer reciprocity for an ASIL CLE event.

  1. California (self-reporting state)
  2. Florida (self-reporting state)
  3. New York (self-reporting state - New York provides automatic reciprocity for CLE credits certified by the "approved jurisdictions" of California, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. When reporting credits to New York, please note that they are considered professional practice credits and that the level of difficulty is appropriate for newly admitted attorneys.)
  4. Pennsylvania (ASIL submits attendance records within 30 days of each CLE event)
  5. Virginia (self-reporting state - attorneys must request a Virginia Certificate of Attendance from ASIL at the time of the CLE event)