Chautauqua Dialogs

The Twelfth Annual International Humanitarian Law Dialogs were held August 26-28, 2018, with the theme "Is the Justice We Seek the Justice They Want? Cultural approaches to international justice."

11th Chautauqua Declaration

August 28, 2018

On Aug. 28, 2018, Alberto Mora, American Bar Association, presided over the 11th Chautauqua Declaration. The event culminated the 12th International Humanitarian Law Dialogs held at Chautauqua Institution. (Note: the 10th IHLD was held at Nuremberg and it's statement was called the Nuremberg Declaration). Among the signing prosecutors were: Brenda J. Hollis of Sierra Leone Tribunal, Douglas Stringer, ICTY, David Crane, Sierra Leone Tribunal and Fabricio Guariglia of the ICC.